How can I go to ahmedabad from Somnath?

Ahmedabad to Somnath


Ahmedabad to Somnath Road Distance 407 km.

Ahmedabad to Somnath Travel Time 6 hours 35 mins.

Knowing The Details

1. Ahmedabad to Somnath by Car(taxi)
2. Ahmedabad to Somnath by Bus
3. Ahmedabad to Somnath by Train


1. Ahmedabad to Somnath by Car

The best way to reach Somnath from Ahmedabad by road is by taking a cab or self-driving. This is more comfortable, compared to buses, because you have the flexibility to adjust timings, according to your itinerary, take detours and explore other places on the way and make stops whenever you want. The distance is 408 kilometres by road and you can either hire a taxi from popular cab operators such as Gozocabs, Savaari, GetmeCab or local cab operators such as Rajputana Cabs, Shri Bhakti Taxi Services etc. The distance is ideal for self-driving and after drawing a clear idea of the route map, you can expect to reach Somnath in 7 hours.

Route Options

Route 1

Ahmedabad – Chotila – Rajkot – Junagadh – Sasan Gir- Somnath
This is the default route that should be taken if you are going directly to Somnath.

Route 2

(Via Dwarka) : Ahmedabad – Rajkot – Jamnagar – Dwarka – Porbandar – Somnath
You can take this route if you want to visit Dwarka as well.

Route 3

Ahmedabad – Limbdi – Ranpur – Vichchiya – Gondal- Junagadh – Somnath

2. Ahmedabad to Somnath by Bus

You can reach Somnath from Ahmedabad by road as well. The road distance between the two cities is 408 km. Several buses are running at different timings by GRTC (Gujarat Road Transport Corporation) as well as by private bus operators. Many buses depart from Ahmedabad for Somnath at different points of time during the day, and you have the flexibility to choose one according to your timing. You can choose either a day or an overnight bus, depending on your itinerary.

Route Taken

Ahmedabad – Chotila – Rajkot – Junagadh – Somnath

3. Ahmedabad to Somnath by Train

The distance between Ahmedabad and Somnath is 437 kilometres and can be best covered by taking a train. Trains are the most preferred way of travelling from Ahmedabad to Somnath because there are direct trains between the two stations as well as trains to Veraval Station, which is at a distance of only 5 kilometres to Somnath Station. The shortest route is 436.54 kms, and it passes through Surendranagar, Wankaner and Rajkot. There are 6 express and 3 superfast trains. Based on your itinerary, you can choose one of these.

Ahmedabad to Somnath By Train

TrainFrom – ToDeparture – Arrival
PUNE-VRL EXP (11088)AHMEDABAD – VERAVAL08:05:00 – 16:45:00
JBP -SMNH EX (11464)AHMEDABAD – VERAVAL08:25:00 – 17:10:00
JBP-SMNH EXP (11466)AHMEDABAD – VERAVAL08:25:00 – 17:10:00
VERAVAL EXPR (16334)AHMEDABAD – VERAVAL07:25:00 – 16:45:00
ADI SMNH EXP (19119)AHMEDABAD – VERAVAL10:40:00 – 19:30:00

Ahmedabad is the largest city

Ahmedabad is the largest city

Founded within the 15th century, Ahmedabad is the largest city within the state of Gujrat. the town could also be a vibrant downtown and rising center of education, information technology, and scientific industries. Divided in two – the old city and thus the new city; the town offers different moods right from the hustle-bustle of C.G. Road within the guts of Ahmedabad to the quiet retreat off of the Sabarmati Ashram. Ahmedabad enjoys a thriving cultural tradition, being the middle of Gujarati cultural activities and diverse traditions of varied ethnic and non-secular communities.

The climate of Ahmedabad is extremely hot, especially within the summer season. So it’s not advisable to go in summer when the temperature touches 44 degrees Celsius. Winter months are the simplest times to go to Ahmedabad. to urge the town there’s an airport located just 15 kilometers from the most city center. There are direct flights to New Jersey, Singapore, and gulf countries, and also there are daily flights to all or any major cities of India. So stepping into the town by air is a neater choice to get into here.

There are many budget hotels available within the Relief Road and that they offer all basic facilities. To spot the right Ahmedabad hotels and Ahmedabad restaurants, you have to refer to the Ahmedabad travel guide. With the first ray of a new dawn, when you are ready, you are eager to know the city of Ahmedabad, about which you have only heard and read through internet social networks and other mediums, etc.

Today you got a chance to come to Ahmedabad city. You got a chance to walk on the roads that were amazing and unimaginable for you and the information about the city of Ahmedabad can be given to you by a local guide or driver of a local taxi service company. When you book a car from a trustworthy company, the local takes you to all the places and provides good and amazing unimaginable information and good service. Which makes your journey forever memorable.